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Dairy Parlor

Bring all of your existing data into one cloud-based system for a complete picture of your dairy’s performance

Milking Barn

Set thresholds on all of your data to receive alerts when any data point exceeds your limits


Better predict and forecast your production and costs and reap the rewards of more timely and profitable decision-making

Don’t change your existing systems, make them better

Feed icon
Forecast expenses and maximize feed efficiency by integrating your feed data

Cow icon
Manage actuals to budget and optimize herd size by integrating your herd management data

Milk icon
Minimize inputs and maximize profits by Integrating your milk production and quality data

Herd all your data into one location

Cow in Field

Use comparison tool to quickly evaluate performance and trends across multiple locations or to correlate data from various sources to develop new management practices

Your pipeline for information

Cow in Field

Digitize your paper forms for more accurate and timely data collection


Efficient work flow

Cow in Field

Utilizing advanced analytics saves you time and guess work, for better projections


Happy cows produce more milk

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