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Unlocking New Profitability for Dairy Farms

Centennial, CO | September 24, 2017

Unlocking New Profitability for Dairy Farms


Dairy farming and milk production date back to the earliest annals of human history, thousands of years before modern concepts of milk production emerged over a century ago. So it’s not often that an industry so ingrained in our food chain and culture sees a change that could revolutionize its path forward. But technology is paving a path to greater efficiency and new opportunities for profitability—in one of the world’s oldest industries.

Modern dairy operators often rely on time-consuming, manual data methods to collect, store and analyze heaps of data on their operations. This data isn’t just on milk production; it includes feed supplies, temperature, weather, herd health, cow comfort, and commodity prices.When these insights are combined, they enable faster decision-making.

But until now, the ability to combine data from different sources has proved elusive. The standalone data software systems that have powered this process don’t always work well together to create a complete and actionable picture of key metrics.

Dairy producers need a way to maximize their data and unlock a broad horizon of new opportunities for profitability. If data capture is easy, streamlined and efficient, operators and partners will glean predictive and actionable insights. Theseinsightswill allow them to better manage costs, drive top line growth, and increase value and marketability to financial and distribution partners.

This new visibility benefits the entire dairy ecosystem, including farmers, co-ops, food companies, and financial partners and investors. More actionable data helps forecasting, which helps distributors predict their business, helps suppliers better understand their production, and helps stores predict shelf space needs. And all of that helps financial partners model capital needs and creditworthiness.

In short, data and tech are bringing powerful knowledge to dairy farming, and it’s going to allow operators to turn their farms into more profitable businesses.

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